Saturday , June 3 2023

Progress has been made in the Brexit negotiations


DAccording to the media regulations, Prime Minister Theresa May is heading for the Brexit negotiations with the European Union. Brussels has been assured that Britain may remain in the customs union for a limited period of time after leaving the EU in order to avoid "a tough line" between Northern Ireland and the EU Member States in Northern Ireland, the Sunday Times announced. quoting circles know the matter. Discussions with the EU, which are more advanced than ever, must be documented in at least 50 pages. The cabinet will meet on Tuesday to discuss the plan.

However, the London government spokesman immediately rejected the presentation of the British newspaper. "We have made good progress in future relations," said the German Press Agency spokesman.

The risk of fragile peace conditions

Britain wants to leave the EU in late March 2019. Both sides fear that limited border controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland could endanger the brutal peace of the former civil war. London and Brussels have not yet agreed to prevent this.

The Irish question is considered the main obstacle to the conclusion of the almost-signed Brexit agreement next to the Brexit agreement between Brussels and London. He could even say that the agreement was "95 percent complete".

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