Sunday , April 18 2021

Tesla Model 3 (with CCS)

Tesla officially confirmed this on their website. "We will upgrade the existing Supercharger charging station to a dual charge cable that is compatible with CCS Combo 2 (CCS) and DC Type 2 (" DC Type 2 ") charging connections, meaning that the buyer of Model 3 depends only on the Tesla turbocharger You can use a fast-charging column power source, including Ionity, a German automotive supplier, a charging network that extends in partnership with the expressway.

Model 3 will be fitted to Europe with a charging socket in line with the market in 2019. The Tesla spokesperson has built-in CCS as confirmed by FOCUS Online and does not incur any additional costs.

There are more and more stations on the highway.

Models S and X require a CCS standard as a remediation solution. S and X and especially the new Model 3 will probably appeal to more customers. Because you do not rely on a supercharger anymore – thus you can choose from other suppliers as their price competitors. The CCS connector can be recharged via a common type 2 connection with limited charging power (AC) and direct current. Then the car is supplied with more than 150 kW. Even competing models such as Jaguar i-Pace or Audi e-tron use this charging standard. In the future, if technically equipped for all brands of models, the charging capacity of the station will increase, further reducing load time.

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