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"Victoria 's Secret" model Barbara Palvin, delivery of burgers to Catwalk


Barbara Orpin
It is one of the selected angels that can be placed on the narrow aisle that explores the Victoria's Secret show in 2018. But her dream body is not falling from the sky. It is a result of difficult training and strict eating.

An ironic drill that immediately throws a 25-year-old outboard when she finishes her lingerie work. Your biggest wish: drink a thick burger! What Dylan Schrutz likes to do for his model girlfriend.

Barbara Palvin: Burger Delivery on Narrow Passage

Dylan Spruce

"Dylan brings a burger after the show!" Barbara Palvin announces that she is full of anticipation behind the scenes of "Victoria Secret". Disposal can be a difficult and eternal bad feeling. The Lingerie Angel does not talk briefly about the amazingly publicized sweaty workout and model nutrition in interviews with people. So in the morning of the big lingerie show she saw a lot of food videos and was attracted to food like Barbara jokes.

I shouted and yelled the video: & # 39; Yes, take it! Cut it off! eat! & # 39;

It's just crazy, continuing the model with Hungarian roots. So she was more delighted with her family and her boyfriend, Dylan Sprouse. She would have endured hungry and unhappy people.

Great printing with "Victoria's Secret" model

Barbara Palvin is not a newcomer to fashion lingerie brands and will debut in 2012. She will be suspended the following year and will not be on the fashion show "Victoria's Secret" until 2018. worry.

"I did not understand the great pressure I felt when I first saw the Victoria's Secret show at the age of 19," he said in an interview. Restarting the show of luxury underwear brand in 2018 has much meaning for the model. "I really blew my ass, it was my big comeback!" – and it was really brilliant!

Victoria's Secret 2018

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