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VW boss Diess backed up wants to take back the car without driver | message


For example, Vessel Diess said at a industry conference on artificial intelligence in the newspaper world that there is Waymo, a Google subsidiary, in the driverless vehicle field for a year or two. "But we chose to catch up, the game does not get lost." On Sunday the quoted car manager of the world. It has a lot of influence on the regulatory authorities.

Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, said the same day, development of vehicles like the Robotaxis will go along with regulators. "What we do not want is a government that completely frees the industry and simply shakes everything." Otherwise, the new technology will not be accepted by humans. "We have to be cautious about what we are doing and how we behave, otherwise Zetsche will destroy confidence in this new technology from the start, and will go too far," Zetsche said.

Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) said autonomous vehicles would not be as prevalent as they thought. "Anyway, I think it's a bit late than I thought about two or three years ago," Altmaier says. "But that will change everything in four to five years and change the environment for both the car and the driver," he said.

He was optimistic that the German automotive industry could play a leading role in robotics. "The German automotive industry has an absolute strength in developing, manufacturing and selling high quality vehicles, and this knowledge can offset other checks we have when developing digital platforms."

But according to Welt am Sonntag, he criticized automakers for their commitment to technology in the future. "Mr. Zetsche, Mr. Diess, Mr. Krüger of BMW Train It is half as sexy as Tesla to build. As far as the charm of electronic cars is concerned, you can actually bring fresh ideas. "

Bild am Sonntag Diess demanded industrial policy and harsh criticism of the automotive industry. "Unfortunately, people in the current German party landscape can not imagine a positive outlook for cars," Diess says. "I believe in a small political party that has abandoned rational analysis in favor of short-term headlines and emotional debates, and ultimately has not helped the party, but now has a much clearer attitude," he said.

Without federal support, the German auto industry will not be competitive. "We need a constructive political environment because there are no industrial policies in the last 30 years and there are Chinese competitors with strong industrial policies." It lacked the "real agenda car".


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