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Crete: Instead of contrasting the raki and finally the ICU – Society


In contrasted bottles and "Peskessi", a bottle for doctors, and a raki bottles, it was a great adventure for elderly Kretan to go to a simple hospital study and ultimately to intense exercise with stroke symptoms.

The elderly patient went to hospital to check the digestive system and accompany the relative of the person. But as many people used in Crete, he kept the pessoas, a bottle of crab, and a box of Kalytsounaki. And there was an embarrassment to an incredible adventure that, coupled with serious health problems, led him to Intensive Care, where he was fortunate to have been downloaded. According to information controlled by Patris, the incident with an unsuspecting person occurred about two weeks ago.

The elderly went to the nursing home to carry out axial testing and had to drink the contrast agent dissolved in water to be able to carry out the test.

The taste of anise and mug When you first drank the first sip that was given to your relative, which was related to health, he complained that his taste was very strong. "Do not worry" was the answer, "silhouette anise, ouzo. Continue to drink …"

It was not known how many raki microbes he drank, but suddenly one began to vomit while the clinical picture shown seemed to be stroke. The medical staff immediately mobilized and the patient was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit and soon became clear what happened …

Happiness is that this man's adventure came to an end without any other unexpected thing as he soon became discharged and returned home.

The information "P" says that despite the PAGNI – Venizelion administration it is aware of the issue

to avoid the relevant statements.

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