Friday , August 19 2022

Dimitris Skoulos barely with Irene Ermidou! "Garbage"


"I shouted to put you in the climate, we all helped you, I thought you were going to nursery school."

GNTM's current testing was not the best for Irene Ermidou. Irene Ermidou did not do well in the picture, and Dimitris Skoulos told her very hard.

Elena Christopoulou gave a voice to the women!

"You can dress up, plastic, rubbish, huh? Well, you can print this picture nicely, and once you take a picture, you can wrap it in a photo.Why is it garbage? I stood in the air and we all helped you.I thought you were going to the nursery school.We asked you to make a social message and you did not stop at it, So you have fun with it, so the picture is garbage. Sulos wanted to go after you with a camera.

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