Saturday , June 3 2023

€ 300 transaction fee – Newsbeast


That cash The deal is targeted, and the finance minister is planning new restrictions on the cash market.

Cash has fallen sharply, but many consumers prefer liquids, especially in the case of deals where higher VAT can save a lot of money.

So the Treasury is planning to reduce the daily trading volume that is allowed to: cash Today is 500 euros.

The ministry's plan is to reduce the threshold to 300 euros or 400 euros when the first scenario is in effect.

The time for a new measurement is not yet set, but it will be decided at the end of the year if everything is decided.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance is expanding the obligation to install POS in dozens of professions. According to the information, the decision will be announced shortly and the participating companies will have to install POS machines for card transactions within 3 months.

In the Treasury's debate, some people say the bill should be extended with others to taxis and kiosks.

Doctors, real estate brokers, hairdressers, beauty centers, hotels, plumbers, sales companies or property leasing are some industries with a deadline of 50 days to report professional accounts to Taxisnet. 143 branches in total, POS, and electronic money payments must file a bank account by December 12, 2018

If they do not comply, a fine of € 1,000 awaits them, while those reporting will pay € 100. Immediately after the deadline, the taxpayer's AAD on the E3 form submitted this year will set up a cross-checking plan to identify those who do not apply the action.

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