Sunday , February 5 2023

Five nights at Freddy: Many new titles are in preparation and this is the first information.


The homosexual movie has been postponed

Through a long blog post, Scott Cawthon 5 nights in Freddie He announced his rich plans for the franchise. Most of them are coming in parallel and will come in 2019 because there will be a lot of new capital coming from the FNAF space.

Initially, 40% progressed during the FNAF VR project and worked in cooperation with Steeel Wool. In Augmented Reality without stopping in VR, FNAF AR announced that 10% of the game was completed,I can not reveal the details of the gameplay, but I will tell you that his future keeps chasing you will keep you awake at night."

He announced that there will be a new and refurbished HD transmission of the first 5 nights in Freddy's game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. In fact, he does not guarantee that he will come out of the concept game FNAF: Madness and prepare for a great AAA game.

Cawthon said that most of the projects he said will be open to the public and how much more to learn from the new year.

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