Wednesday , February 8 2023

Flambourar: Poor and small-scale citizens …


Protecting the first residence in the auction is a major concern for Minister Alekos Flambouaris during this period and provides an immediate answer to this burning issue in an interview with an Athens-Macedonian correspondent.

First, he disagrees with the approach that "solutions to red lending should be undermined if the first home is protected." To support this, he said in an interview with the agency on data provided by the Hellenic Bank Association that "the first settlement accounts for a quarter of the deficit." With this in mind, the auction should target large loans and "bad payers." The concept that can not be applied to poor people, small and medium sized citizens, unemployed, wage earners, retired people or US entrepreneurs is the Secretary of State, a Greek taxpayer who urges banks to "remember their development and social dimension."

At the same time, REA-IEP asked for answers to a series of specific tasks led by Al. Flambouaris such as:

– For the fire victims of Eastern Attica, they present all the actions and goals of government intervention from now on.

– 75% of the 15,000 requests resolve the problem through the "everyday" online platform that has already been completed.

– Redevelop the commercial triangle of Athens where construction competition will take place in 2018.

– In its investment in Elliniko, we emphasize the same stable position that a stable government will secure the investment and "not fulfill all wishes of the investor for no serious reason."

"The government has the potential to exhaust the era of the Constitution," the Secretary of State's message, and explains the disagreements between ministers. For Yannis Stournaras, he hopes that, along with the development of workers 'democratic workers' rights with social sensitivity to appropriate development wages, the bank's development system has contributed to the country's development better and more strongly. "

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