Sunday , November 28 2021

George Giannopoulos: “It’s a shame for the Greek to speak of sex, not marriage…” (video) | Plus: society


For those lucky enough to know him George Gian Nopouloso, they know that the famous actor does not chew his words and there is no slight inhibition of the utterance of his speech. Rabelaisian.

The famous actor appeared on the TV show, fully confirmed. “Happy day“, once again a violent place.

«In the city of Ilioupoli, where I am a councilman, I tell citizens to be careful, not just asking. I received a lot of love from my sister Angelic Key, who had Down syndrome. He “left” two years ago», said the person in charge of the local culture, among other things..

Continuing to mention common problems, o George Gian Nopoulos He said: “I’m bothered when I unload and I’m stuck in the back. Let’s be polite. The Greeks aren’t friendly. We’ve been affected by 400 years of slavery. I was happy that the Prime Minister had a spray of coronavirus. Now I am not working, so I walk a lot. I observe people who see without a mask.». However, in the interview he did not wear a mask.

Then he said to the forbidden and taboo: “Words that require a beep should not be spoken only at midnight. Don’t gossip. We say and pass the word American σ @ ξ. The word “marriage” is forbidden. It’s a shame for the Greeks about the country’s history.».

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