Thursday , March 30 2023

Hope is at KKE and people are well known and determined.


KKE's KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, said in an interview with TV station "New Television of Crete" about the visit to Crete, KKE "is optimistic because it can become black". However, there is hope that KKE and the people have the information and will to support this policy (KKE) on the progress and development of this homeland. "

Based on his collective and collectively researched 21st century struggle experience, referring to the 100th anniversary of KKE, he said, "We can move the 21st century to bring true victory to the people, the nation and the people. Workers actually take power because they have power to dismantle this destiny and their country and nation. "

He refuses to participate in war and intervention in the region, saying that KKE should not say "no" to US forces and NATO troops in Greece in response to observations that KKE is a party to the injustice and not a party. , We can say "yes" to peace and friendship and say "no" to the memorandum and anti-privatization law, but even say that "yes" to proletarian law, even minor laborers can be saved. "

He warned the KKE that the Greek government "should not take a break despite the smallest crumbs the government has given." Because it is time to come back at the right time.

"The radical change in policy, the people's power to develop the economy for the benefit of the workers, and the means of production were a prerequisite for a new society with new power to escape the crisis for workers' interests." for. "

D. Koutsoumpas said, "It may come out of crisis and capitalist development, but not for the majority of Greeks."

SYRIZA, ND and PASOK noted that "SYRIZA, ND and PASOK have a" common strategic partnership for the Atlantic coastal orientation, a favorable approach to the entire capitalist system and monopoly body in favor of BSE ". . "

He also reminded that "SYRIZA, ND, PASOK and ANEL jointly voted on the third memorandum in memo notes."

"We believe that there will be some unpredictable factors and problems in both Greece and Greece," he said, "because we believe that the election will be somewhat restored, so we must vote in October 2019." There may be a catalytic effect.

D. Koutsoumpas emphasized, "What should the Greek people be concerned about? Every time an election takes place, they have to answer and conclude that the SYRIZA government and the previous government should conclude and do so. "He said.

He emphasized that people can not choose KKE, which uses various government experiences to return to "less evil" chunks, or "claim and tell the truth even when leading a race and losing the truth." We say ".

"A lie will not tell even the cost of the election, and we will tell the truth, and we will not let our eyes see our fellow people without being shamed by opening this path," he stressed KKE Secretary General.

"The election campaign of the governor of Tifras" is the government's wage cuts and non-tax limits, "and" We should not discuss whether pension cuts will be postponed for a while, but discuss what the Greeks have lost. "" Catastroge law is not repealed, You can also request the application of the bill. "

He said, "Based on the common hierarchy of the church, he said," The historical problem has not been solved, the state has not been separated from the church, and the problem of the opposite is perpetual.

He said Al would vote against the Prespa Agreement, which KKE described as "unacceptable". Tzipras "played the role of buckwheat and avant-garde for Jaev to join a country adjacent to NATO NATO is a factor in destabilizing the Balkans and causing an indifferent border change.

He added that NATO and the United States are promoting ideas for "Albania".

D. Koutsoumpas expressed KKE's concern, emphasizing that Greece was transformed into a "vast Native American Camp" and that "Tiffras does not need to grow." KKE pointed out publicly to the Greeks, "The risk of regional imperialism or generalized imperialist war before us."

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