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Marco Marin and Wanted James Milner –


Liverpool footballers did not walk alone. They were lost in the dressing room of Marrakesh, did not see a pitch in the historic arena, and Red Star lost 2-0.

They scored their third consecutive goal, 3 losses in the Champions League, 71 minutes in Serbia and 161 home from home. month.

At the same time, James Milner took his friends from Liverpool before Marco Marin danced for Kloff's defense and started playing. Red Star has been the first team to win the top division with a layoff since 1992. To the group!

But all of this was an appetite for the night of the Champions League in a 90-minute game against Serbia, but the game was without a Serbians for a 19:55 match. city ​​".

Milner: I hit the gap in front of the center.

However, please take things from scratch or refine them from the beginning. The truth is that a small number of neutral people have realized this, but it will not escape the English eye. Unimportant Detail.

In the absence of Jordan Henderson, James Miller brought Liverpool's armband and his first job he had to do was to choose a goal or a ball from the standard twist of the coin. Of course, the referee did not have a coin, but one side was blue and the other red. When the Spanish spaniard Antonio Matteo Rajos asked Reds leader to choose everyone, he made a clear prediction, but Milner made his first mistake. I chose blue which I dislike.

His choice to create the legend of Bill Shankley in the game was to create a scary friend of Liverpool in social media with Kop Magazine, one of his big friends in the Twitter team: "James Milner lost the toss after picking blue instead of red Bill Shankly would have sold him! "

Liverpool will achieve its first goal in historic Marrakech without hurting the host already, until Twitter does not fill the user timeline that requires Milner to be deployed by the leader.

Marco Marin, you superstar

No one expected Red Star to be able to stand dignified on the death squad with Liverpool, Napoli and Paris Saint Germain rivals. Nonetheless, Vladan Molodevic amazes Europeans as much as everyone else in Greece has been surprised by the work they have released with Panionios in the 2016-17 season. Belgrade's star not only won the best Serbian team in the Champions League in 26 years, but also continues to qualify for the trio with four points.

However, Red Star needed more than a terrible Marrakech, a fantastic platform and a shirt-hitter to move from team to winner. Though these are not enough for the top billboards, Miliewicz won the Olympiacos prize and used Marco Marin as a special offer for the big game.

On Tuesday evening, the Germans reminded Werder Bremen that everything Astellas has done. He came from the foot of a 29 year old man. Of course, Marin's career did not evolve. Belgrade has discovered his old talent, as many expected from nine teams from eight countries. This season he played 8 games (6 championships, 2 champions league), 3 goals (Paris) and 4 assists.

In Marrakech he danced among Liverpool defenders and found himself at every point in the pitch, and Mark Pankov won the home team 1-0 on 22 minutes. A few minutes later, Milner (Gamma No2) 's misery led Pankov to an impressive second goal for Red Star. The statistics were not written as an assistant, but his contribution to the entire game was decisive. As far as Marin is concerned, Red Star could not beat Liverpool.

Note :

Prince – bottom

Monaco breaks a record. On Tuesday they played or played at Brugge and lost 0-3 in the first half of the season. In fact, they became the first team in the French Confederation and scored three goals for the first 25 minutes in the Champions League. In the second half they simply scored another goal and lost the heaviest defeat in club history in Europe. And while all of this was happening on the pitch, Monaco's owner, Dmitry Ribolovlev, was in detention. It is not easy for Thierry Henry to work on his first attempt as a coach.

Malcom showed Suarez what it was like.

Luis Suarez, with Lionel Messi on the platform of the Jupiter McAlescha, was called to overtake the reins, but in his attempt he failed to find a goal, except for his favorite Real Madrid this year. Uruguay scored nine shots, but Malcolm scored in just a few seconds after entering the game without missing a unique opportunity in front of Barcelona. Valverde received a message that he needed more time to participate in the small time.

Lost Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur's failure to make 30 shots (!) With Eiffelfeld's home was the last minute to finish with a 2-1 defeat with Harry Cain.

(Photo by AP / Marko Drobnjakovic)

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