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OAED: 5,500 recruitment announcements for unemployed public sector – Dikaiologitika News


Unemployed scientists will be hired through a program of institutions scheduled to be released next week and the process of selecting unemployed graduates will oversee ASEP with regard to the legality and compliance of the principles of objectivity and transparency.

Unemployed scientists will be hired through a program of institutions scheduled to be released next week and the process of selecting unemployed graduates will oversee ASEP with regard to the legality and compliance of the principles of objectivity and transparency.

Dikaiologitika News exclusively announced all the specializations, ministries and institutional distributions required over the last few days.

According to a joint ministerial decision released on Friday, October 12, ASEP will oversee compliance with the principles of objectivity and transparency and check the legitimacy of the unemployed selection process.

The main purpose of the program is to subsidize unemployed graduates to prevent the flight of scientists and graduates from Greek universities and technology institutions abroad.

The total employment period for the beneficiary is set at 12 months, depending on the level of education, wages range from 990 euros to 1,040 euros. Additional fees are expected for graduate or doctoral degree holders.




1. The total monthly salary of the beneficiary is defined as follows.

(a) Up to 1,040 euros in the university education (WP) sector

b) up to EUR 990 in technical education (TE) sector.

2. For graduate or doctoral degree holders, the above fees will be increased by 50 euros or 100 euros per month as follows:

(a) For graduate degree holders, category W is 1,090 euros and TE is 1,040 euros.

(b) For doctoral degree holders: EUR 1,140 for Category W and EUR 1,090 for TE.

A beneficiary with both qualifications mentioned above receives a monthly premium for the higher category.

3. Non-hazardous and unhealthy employment allowances must be paid to the beneficiary in accordance with the specific provisions in force as follows:

(KEFIAP) for health visitor categories to be employed in nursing personnel and general hospitals, general hospitals – KY, university general hospitals and physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers in nursing and nursing care.

(b) 150 euros for the category of HE nurses, TE inspectors and HE health visitors to be hired by the National Blood Donor Center (NSCC).

c) Employed by the National Institutes of Medicine (EOF) for EUR 70 for the IP category of pharmacists, biologists, chemists, chemical engineers and veterinarians.

(d) The category of WM, WP, WP, MV and MG is EUR 70, which will be employed by the National Center (EACS); and e) civil engineers, WM mechanics, WM and EL electricians EUR 70 for.

4. The on-call obligation for scientific staff in General Hospitals, General Hospitals-KY, University General Hospitals and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers (KEFIAP) is defined as:

a) A maximum of € 73 per day in the call.

(b) Saturdays or Sundays, except Sundays, up to EUR 108, and

(C) Sunday is the maximum Sunday is EUR 125.

5. The above scientific staff can receive up to 4 talk times per month and can call on a monthly basis only once a month on Saturdays or holidays, except on Sundays and Sundays.

6. Work to supplement weekly (night, day and night, Sunday and exclusion days) is provided by the recipient of the service that operates on a 24-hour basis and is defined for up to 4 nights and up to 2 days or Sundays. Per beneficiary per month.

7. The total hourly wage in the above case is defined as:

(a) Night work: WIP 1,56 euros, WG 1,48 euros,

(b) Day and night work on Sundays and exclusions: € 2.34 for W category and € 2.22 for WG.

8. Beneficiaries do not work overtime.

9. The OAED includes, in the context of program implementation, (a) the total income of the beneficiary (beneficiary) paid to the host institution (insurance and net pay) and (b) the host – employer's insurance and employer contributions.

10. In addition to the above costs, OAED and host organizations will not provide any other benefits, rewards or benefits to the beneficiary.

11. Every day of absences due to the exercise of legal rights (vacation, short-term sick leave, old-fashioned disability in Civil Laws 657 and 658), gross income will be reduced according to legislation which will justify the compensation.

12. The maximum expenditure for program implementation is € 90 million and the posting is € 5,500.


The beneficiaries of this program live in Imvros and Tenedos or on the Greek island of Egypt without asking for Greek citizenship, citizens of the EU member states, North Europe, Greeks, Greeks living in Constantinople and Greek citizenship certificates. (No. 3832/1958), if the status as a Greek has been proven and the status of conscience has been proven, the OAED is registered in the unemployed register as unemployed and the degree of technical education above the target university, age 22-29 years.

The ranking criteria are as follows.

(a) The continuous registration unemployment benefit period is up to 24 months.

(b) Annual personal or family income.

c) Postgraduate courses.

d) doctoral degree.

e) OAED registered unemployed and unemployed

(f) Beneficiary status of the CIS.

The selection system uses the scoring of the above criteria, supporting documentation to be submitted by the potential beneficiary, and computer software to determine the graduate, rank, and placement of the post. All of the above is stated in the invitation letter issued by the OAED after obtaining the approval of the ASEP. ASEP will approve or amend relevant invitations within 5 working days after receiving the draft.

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