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"Protect the police officer," Papakosta says.


The mood was caused by a statement from Katerina Papakosta on the OPEN and Elli Stai's central bulletin board. Citing the recent Rubicon episode, Civic Protection noted, "College students pointed out that citizens demanded the same identity as asking politicians for policemen, and of course they would affect certain police officers and would be handled by responsible people." . At the same time, he asked the police … "Strengthen self – protection and watch yourself."

A minister's statement prompted her. ND, "We recommend her to her in accordance with the remarkable statement of Mrs. Katerina Papakosta, who rushed hastily to justify the Bacaloreans who had been identified as a police officer," she said in a statement. "I am changing my position as deputy prime minister to protect Rubic."

Previously, the controversy between police officers and the political and political leadership of ELAS came to an attack by police from anti-authoritarians and even occurred in the Athens court, where police officers were punished to injure three and citizens. "We have never ordered an arrest at the appellate court, but the case file for the case has already been written," the deputy prime minister said.

What did Katerina Papakosta say?

Katerina Papakosta is applying to the Department of Citizens Protection for "the principle of indifference to all people and everyone", and in the main news bulletin of OPEN Elli Stai.

The reason was the present case, with questions as to why police officers were not arrested when they were subjected to anti-authoritarian demonstrations at the trial at Evelpidon Street.

"We have never been ordered to be arrested in the Court of Appeals, but the case file for the case has already been written," he added. Police said, "The police will tell us what happened and the police should keep the citizens safe and not go out." The principle of indifference to ministry applies to everyone and everyone, "he called the police. "Strengthen self-protection and defend yourself".

Of course, the main themes of the era are the subject of rubicon and everyday intervention at the university level.

"Rubikon is a politician who invests in the gap left by the official state and academic communities and invites students through the fact that they hold" hangouts " "If you have to see your teachers annoying or if they are harassed"So, because these gentlemen are doing the honors, the university needs to keep the autonomous government.

Deputy Citizens' Protection Officer pointed out the political events of ELIK police officers controlled by Rubikon. "College students asked citizens for identification when they received a phone call from police officers.. And of course, there will be impacts on certain police officers, and they will be handled by those responsible. "

Finally, at the level of national security, Papakosta argued that "matters concerning delinquency are serious but not tragic, and Greece is the safest place in the world".

ND reaction

"Following an astonishing statement by Mr Katerina Papakosta, who rushed to justify the Karolayne by identifying her rather than a police officer, we proposed that she change her position to deputy defense minister Ruby.


The attack, in which the antitrustists and the Athens Court of First Instance were punished and injured three or one citizen earlier, caused a new debate between police and ELAS 'physical and political leadership.

In a statement, the Pan-Hellenic Police Federation emphasized the lack of necessary measures and stressed that "it is now clear that such events do not come into contact with political and physical Congressmen." In fact they talk about "indemnity" and "unusual indemnity".

As they have said, "The increase in attacks on police forces in various parts of Athens wonders what security will be when unfortunately the public opinion itself becomes unprotected and recipient. Continued violence. Such an incident is in contact with someone of political and physical leadership It is clear that there has been an expected reaction to the arrest after the attack today because we are not doing it. To answer the questions posed by those who are responsible for the indescribable inertia that can not be found in all these attacks on our colleagues Is it? "

As for the attacks they received, they pointed out that the ease with which "the various" fascists "aimed at police powers uncovered not only the boldness that distinguishes them but also the cause of them, It is a unique immunity … ".

Finally, police officers are demanding legislation to punish offenses committed against police officers and to provide appropriate support to police agencies to "do infinitely".

An hour later, the Attica Security Directorate reportedly filed a criminal case file at ELAS headquarters. The Attica Security Directorate investigated facts and circumstances while police investigations were being conducted to identify and arrest the crime and at the service level.

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