H Google You have removed 13 games from the Google Play Store. Security researcher ESET, Lukas Stefanko, We found that this application actually installed malicious code on the Android device. Stefanko has posted details about these applications on his weekend tweets. Thirteen applications were installed over 580,000 times and two were the recommended applications.

People who installed the app thought they were loading car and truck driving games. Instead, every time you open an app, the app is shut down. It's not clear what the bad malicious software is, but it's designed to start every time you open the device. Malicious software is "full access" You can steal personal information from your Android device from your phone or tablet network data.

All the same developers, Luiz O Pinto and Stefanko, were able to find a domain where malware was propagated to Mert Ozek, an Istanbul programmer. The latter does not appear to be responding to your feedback request.

Last year, Google withdrew 700,000 malicious apps from the Google Play Store. Although this sounds good, it would be better if we could create a way to keep malicious apps away from the Play Store. Until this happens, Android users should pay more attention to applications that are provided by unknown developers.