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Space Hellas Founder Dimitris Manolopoulos – News – News


The sudden loss of Dimitris Manolopoulos, founder, founder and honorary president, announced the company Space Hellas.

"Dimitris Manolopoulos lost his life on Saturday 3/11 at the age of 74. He has made an important project as a dynamic entrepreneur and a great person."

Dimitris Manolopoulos was born in 1944, majoring in electronics and has more than 50 years of experience in sales and international business. In 1985, he created the biggest milestone in his professional career with the creation of Space Hellas, a Greek company specializing in high technology projects. The success of Space Hellas has been fully integrated into the vision and work of Dimitris Manolopoulos since its founding in 1985 and is now one of the largest technology providers in the United States.

His sensitivity and love for the company is proven through his last speech to his employees.

"I am happy to see Space Hellas for 32 years, and I do not think anyone will ask for more than his profession." We started hard with endless efforts and hard work, It was impossible to be successful because I had a lot of faith in work.

Much work, love for what we do, and a passion for what we have dreamed of have reminded me very strongly and succeeded the next time. The success we could not have believed from the start was to support it with a lot of work, patience and courage.

I would like to thank the people who believe in us, our collaborators, and our customers who have supported us for years with their choices. And thanks to them we got here and we continue. "

The success of Space Hellas completely justified the visionary, and in 2013 Dimitris Manolopoulos handed over the company's leadership to a young generation of executives led by his son Spyros Manolopoulos (Chairman of the Board).

Company resolution

Universe Hellas A.E. After the announcement of the sudden death of the founder and Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors Dimitris Manolopoulos, we unanimously decided at a special meeting that the inspiration, the producers and the leaders were at the lowest price:

  • I keep silent for a moment at this board meeting.
  • Expressing sympathy to his family.
  • Publish your media and social media announcements and post them on your company website.
  • Close the company on 6th November 2018, the date of the death of the funeral.
  • Make a charity fund.
  • Whether the board will wear on the memorial of the deceased.
  • Represent board members at the deceased's funeral.

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