Wednesday , April 14 2021

The monkey grabbed the baby in India and killed it.

A tremendous tragedy arose when a monkey broke into a house in northern India. I had a baby within 12 days of embracing my mother.

According to the BBC, the incident occurred in Agra. The monkey holding on to the newborn was seriously injured when her neighbors started chasing her on the roof of her neighbor. The baby was taken to the hospital, but was wounded and not injured.

"Ajay Causal, Police Chief of Ajay Causal, said," When the monkey turned it into the forest and threw stones,

Residents reported that attacks by monkeys have increased recently because they were attacked by monkeys two months ago and were hospitalized.

"Monkeys are all over Agra, they are looking for food, but they are shrinking and attacking," local activist Sraban Kumar Sich told Reuters.

He explained that the monkeys became aggressive as a result of their movement in their habitat destroyed by the expansion of the city.

Some local associations require the disinfection of this animal and the exclusion of wildlife legislation.

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