Wednesday , February 8 2023

"Throat choking" |


"I do not like his way, I do not like them, I have never heard that great photographers are not wrinkles, brawls, stumbles, chicks … They are Greek TV and the four foolishness I will not do that because I personally have dignity! They will not abuse power and need a complaint.You should not be there.The only ones who are not four are professional, especially those who are thirsty Nick Apostolopoulos did not stop on Happy Day and threw his arrows at the judges, especially Angelos Bratis.

In fact, he continued to explain why he attacked Vicky Kayas. "Vicky Kayas I liked it very much, but it turned out to be something I did not like, it was not Vicky Kayas, if I did not like it, I would not put it in the Greek perfume and I would not put it in the German show. It has nothing to do with it. "

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