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[머신 팬들을위한 핫한 말]Not only PS5! Microsoft executive notice: Xbox Series X/S is out of stock until next year-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Technology


Gamers around the world are rushing for the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Microsoft’s next-generation game console Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft executives predict that the Xbox Series X/S shortage will continue through April next year! (Photo from Microsoft official website)

A few days before the official launch of the Xbox Series X/S, the next-generation game console from Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Microsoft (Microsoft), global gamers were enthusiastic, and the market fell into supply shortages and speculation. Microsoft executives predict that the Xbox Series X/S shortage will continue until April next year!

According to the foreign press “The Verge,” Microsoft Finance Director Jeff Stewart mentioned the release of the Xbox Series X/S when attending the conference and pointed out that the holiday shopping season, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, is approaching. The Xbox Series X/S will still be out of stock badly, and it is expected to face this issue in the first quarter of 2021, i.

He said that supply of the Xbox Series X/S is expected to stabilize early next year, and as all supply chains are currently accelerating production growth, the second quarter of next year (April to June) will gradually catch up with demand.

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In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox department head Phil Spencer said frankly that there will be a shortage in the coming months, as market demand for the Xbox Series X/S last month is far more than capacity supply. At GlitchCon, the annual flagship conference held by Twitch a few days ago, he once again apologized for the Xbox Series X/S out of stock. They went to work for two months to replenish supplies as soon as possible, but demand is still high.

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