Sunday , November 28 2021

East Asian Cup / Zhu Enle, China team scored twice 2: 1 Mongolia first victory | Comprehensive | NOW News


▲ Chinese male soccer player. (Photo / Provided by China Football Association)

In the second stage of the 2019 East Asian Football Federation E-1 football championship, the Chinese male soccer team focused on "Taiwan's son-in-law" Zhu Enle scored two goals in three minutes in the Mongolian athletics field on the night of the 13th, 2: 1 defeated Mongolia to win their first championship, and the next East Asian Cup was still in its second phase.

In the first leg against Mongolia, the Chinese team is under pressure to defeat. "Taiwanese captain" Chen Bayhorn returned to the team, and the Chinese team sent their national team to the Chinese team in the 8th minute in the first half of the first half, with Wang Jungmin shaking two defenders. The first help, Zhu Enle, beat Chinese team 1: 0 first in the slam dunk.

3 minutes into the game, Zhu Enle could have brought this one home for Chen Zhaoan as he charged up on the left, but his hooked ball went just a bit too high. The Chinese team relied on these two goals in the first half and scored with 2: 0.

In the late '66s, a "wave of the world" outside Mongolia's restricted area drove directly to its goal, and Mongolia broke a duck egg. At the end of the match, the Chinese team defeated Mongolia 2: 1 and did not win the first East Asian Cup.

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