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The brand name “ANGO” is embroidered on the costumes of the national football team in 2019. Perhaps most people don’t know ANGO, but in fact the parent company, Qiao Meng Group, is already the second largest ball manufacturer in the world and is also a ball and sporting goods foundry based in Taiwan.

Although already selling high-quality ball products manufactured by OEMs to the world through various brand appearances, Qiaomeng Group is also paying attention to Taiwan’s sports market, including soccer, basketball, volleyball and other sports, and hopes to have a Taiwanese brand. . Taiwanese players wear their own high-quality jerseys. As a result, ANGO will be born, returning manufacturing energy sold a lot in the world to the domestic sports industry and creating opportunities for domestic sales.

Photo courtesy: ANGO
Photo courtesy: ANGO

Promoted from a small Taiwanese foundry to the world’s second largest ball manufacturer

Founded in 1977, Qiao Meng is a professional sports ball manufacturer, headquartered in Taipei, the original factory was rebuilt in the US military ammunition warehouse, and now has about 2,000 employees. As Korea develops into Vietnam, OEM ball products are rapidly being exported to the world.

With solid textile technology and manufacturing energy, Qiao Meng has created Taiwan’s sports brand “ANGO”, and has a small and diverse manufacturing ability to maintain and create a base above the basic level with excellent product strength from product research and development to rapid production. . Three key products including inflatable balls, clothing and training equipment to meet all levels of products and customer needs.

Photo courtesy: ANGO

“If one day our products are found in every corner of Taiwan, we will be using Taiwanese products in the hands of students, sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. It will be a glorious and happy job.”

ANGO’s original intention to create a brand is very simple. The parent company, Qiaomeng, is an internationally renowned foundry capable of producing 30,000 inflatable balls per day worldwide, so we want to bring this rich manufacturing power back to ANGO’s local brand name. Hometown Taiwan.

Photo courtesy: ANGO

However, building a brand is not an easy task and ANGO realizes that manufacturing alone is not enough and operates at a grassroots level so that the Taiwanese market can have a sound foundation.

Starting with grassroots management, more than a ball backed by solid manufacturing energy

ANGO implemented grassroots operations with specific actions to foster the Taiwanese market. Not only has sponsored primary school basketball tournament balls for the third consecutive year, but has continued to support the infant football market since 2015, and has provided more than 4,000 footballs so far. Since 2016, and also sponsors the Zhongzhou Cup Age Division basketball championships annually. From this it can be seen that in order to promote Taiwan’s sporting atmosphere and move towards the vision of a “sports lifestyle”, ANGO has invested significant resources in the grassroots market and allowed the brand to gain popularity.

Photo courtesy: ANGO

“More than a ball”——ANGO

When it comes to the foundation and spirit of the brand, ANGO does not want to achieve “just a ball”, but hopes to make more impact on the world outside of the product. To achieve this goal, in the process of product development, ANGO not only pursues high quality, but pays great attention to its impact on the environment, especially not to compromise, in order to obtain low cost in terms of production and supply.

Having created national uniforms and entered the Japanese market, ANGO has stepped away from its brand strength.

Founded in 2015, ANGO has entered the key to explosive growth in 2019. Not only has successfully obtained cooperation with the Chinese Football Association and signed a two-year 15 million equipment sponsorship contract, but also obtained cooperation with the Chinese football team. Fang praised this, entice Japanese customers to buy, and took the role of ANGO’s agent, allowing the brand to enter Japan.

For example, in the Matsumoto Summer Football League in Nagano, Tokyo, you can watch ANGO football, and a team of former Ryukyu insurance companies wearing ANGO uniforms also represented the Kyushu region and competed in the Queen’s Cup.

Photo courtesy: ANGO / China soccer team jersey
Photo courtesy of: ANGO / Japan Ryukyu All Insurance Company soccer team wearing ANGO jersey

Taiwan’s base and international presence is the vision of many brands and the goal of ANGO. In fact, from 2017 to 2018, ANGO tried to break the Chinese market by going west through various channels. The end result was to forge feathers, but with a lot of experience accumulated, ANGO was further frustrated and found a turning point. Enter other countries’ markets.

In addition to raising football, developing a supply chain of basketball products is ANGO’s recent mission. To this end, ANGO has successfully acquired JHBL apparel sponsorship over the next two years this year, allowing more athletes to experience ANGO’s high-quality jersey.

“I hope everyone who gets the ball can feel ANGO’s intentions.”

Starting from this original intent and transforming from a foundry factory, ANGO has gone through two or three steps in just five years, maintaining a great tradition, being stable and stable, as well as being able to boldly innovate and deploy actively. . We will do our best to achieve perfection in terms of product details, environmental issues, international certifications, etc.

With Taiwan focusing the most energy on the international sports industry, ANGO’s performance as a cutting-edge sports brand will soon be imminent.

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