Friday , June 24 2022

Evergrande Health: FF Asset Mortgage Re-arbitration –


Evergrande Health (00708) and Faraday Future (FF) have made new progress.

Evergrande Health announced that Smart King, a joint venture with FF, has submitted an emergency application to the Hong Kong Arbitration Center for company assets.

In June of this year, it spent 6.75 billion yuan to buy Evergrande Health Shi Ying, followed by 45% smart kings through Shi Ying, and 100% Evergreen Health is considered to have 45% of FF because it has FF.

On the 7th of last month, Jia Yueting proposed to Hong Kong International Arbitration Center to deprive Evergrande of its sound funding agreement and to terminate all contracts and to withdraw asset-backed loans . Channel access to funds.

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