Wednesday , September 28 2022

Fat mother and husband set up spirits | Rui Gu and Andy Lau send flower cards to mourning while holding relatives and friends in mourning hall and crying-Hong Kong 01


  1. Fat mother’s husband wakes up Hugs crying relatives and friends, Louis Gu and Andy Lau send a flower card to mourn.Hong Kong 01
  2. The deceased husband establishes a spirit | To his wife a farewell and send a fried pan wreath: I will continue cooking food for my husbandHong Kong Apple Daily
  3. Fat mother husband wake up | Xie Jiayi reminded me to be careful to wake up in the entertainment worldMing Pao OL Network
  4. Fat mother husband wake up | Condolences from Relatives and Friends Lui Gu sends a mourning flower holding the chairmanHong Kong 01
  5. Xue Jiayan called to comfort her fat mother on the 6th, took her family and said goodbye to the Qi master.Hong Kong Apple Daily
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