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Lan Jieyu died in the toilet "pre-birth state" exposure! House Whitening Taste Neighbor: He did not go shopping for food ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud


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Actress Lan Jieyu was the best in the past and named "Wutai Mountain," but at 55, she was killed at home. After his death, the police set up the chain at his place of residence and closed the door, the window closed, but still full of bleach, often photographed at the edge of the road, but neighbors. The reaction is very different from what the outside world sees.

Lan Jieyu appeared on the street alone, smoking and contempt. (Photo / flip Hong Kong

▲ Lan Jie is the first half of the landscape, but the evening scene is very bleak. (Photo / flip Hong Kong "Sun", YouTube)

According to the "Apple Daily" report, Lan Jieyi is in the 5th floor apartment building after the police released the view, the chain was pulled up, the seal was fixed from the outside, the doors and the windows closed, although the smell is much smaller, still strong smell of bleached water, neighbors diagonally opposite, said it was not unusual before his death. According to neighbors he is very polite, very normal, but never talked to his neighbors and has never seen him go to buy food.

▲ Lan Jieyut was photographed in the temple in 2013. (Photo / Photo / CFP)

▲ Lan Jieyut was photographed in the temple in 2013. (Photo / Photo / CFP)

In addition, according to the blogger, the blue-and-white film enthusiast, the time of his death is not sure whether he is 3 or not. At this time, he only knows that he is in the toilet every day at 3 o'clock, and the forensic identification results are only for the family. And through the post I appealed: "There is no power to know." The blogger urged Hong Kong's entertainment industry to help Blues deal with the incident.The chairman of the Tian Qiwen Hong Kong Filmmasters Association said the CEO was helping the side of the blue family, but his family members were not many and tracking is still a co-ordination .

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