Thursday , March 30 2023

MMORPG “Dragon’s Land Dragon’s Sleep Prohibited Land” is confirmed to be launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, etc., pre-login event “Dragon’s Land” official starts


YOOGAME game platform announced that MMORPG “Dragon’s Land Dragon Sleep Forbidden Land” started official pre-registration activities, and at the same time opened Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia to participate in the appointment. According to officials, players in the game will be born in a large world dominated by dragons, and everyone is dangerous and alert. Dragon is not the only threat. A mysterious organization that suddenly appeared, the evil spirit army learned the way to control the dragon, and the threat to human survival is increasing.

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The dangers of this world are unimaginable

In this world, battles can happen at any time and dangers are everywhere. You are in a hot and angry cave, but cold and sweaty! The game features dozens of vast maps including Titan City, White Flame Forest, and Dragon Soul Snow Mountain. The risks are different. How can I occupy a place here?

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Dragon: Unpredictable opponent

In the world of “Dragon’s Land”, dragons are very important beings, making people anxious because they have no point of view and only know how to fight. Are you removing, taming, or cooperating before overcoming your inner fears?

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Enemies and friends no longer have a clear definition.

The world is full of dangers and opportunities, enemies and friends are just synonyms, and the indifference and darkness of human nature will be fully reflected. You should always be careful. Friends who were still fighting side by side at the last minute can turn to each other at the next minute. You never know if you’re going to stab your “friend” on your back…

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Log in ahead of time to complete your appointment and get a great gift

The “Dragon Land Dragon’s Sleep Forbidden Land” pre-login event is active simultaneously in multiple areas. Instantly sign the Forbidden Land Life and Death certificate to enjoy the out-of-print mount, complete all store reservations at the same time, and participate in the extraction of luxury gifts such as the iPhone 12 and Play Station 5. More information on the latest games will be released later, and if you do not want to miss the latest news, you can follow the official “Dragon Land” community website.

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