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The cumulative number of fairs will be $ 57.83 billion. – Hong Kong Sina


Original work: The cumulative number of shows was 57.83 billion dollars

According to Xinhua? The first China International Income Exposition ended on the 10th, and the exposition was fruitful with a cumulative intention of $ 57.83 billion.

What the reporter learned from the closing briefing. The fair is the world's first import-themed national exhibition and a major innovation of international trading companies. The exhibition is a major initiative by China to open up the global market and is a real move for China to promote an open world economy and support economic globalization.

Guangdong Enterprise turnover: high percentage of smart high-end equipment orders

Guangzhou Daily News? (All media reporters Li Tianyan, Chen Qinghui, Li Xiaoyu) The first session of the fair was closed yesterday and the trading situation of Guangdong Trading Group was released. To aggressively increase revenues, the Guangdong Province Department of Commerce has led more than 6,000 enterprises to participate in the fair and to procure docking, the most intent to purchase is smart and advanced equipment, and the order volume is more than 25%.

Advanced equipment company docking site visit

The reporter held the "Advanced Equipment and Industrial Matching Seminar" at the fair to showcase China's equipment manufacturing needs, introduce the excellent products and technologies of the world's leading equipment manufacturers, and organize Chinese and foreign equipment manufacturing . Enterprises and equipment technology service providers will effectively connect China's key technology equipment imports and help.

At the same time, the Department of Commerce will make sure that the docking with the consumer goods industry and exhibitors of Chinese companies can be accurately docked and that Chinese and foreign companies will deepen the Chinese consumer goods import market, expand import channels, We hosted the "Farmers' Consumption Goods Importance Matching Meeting". We constantly meet people's needs for a better life.

At this year's fair, Guangdong has set a high number of equipment purchase orders to help companies improve productivity. Most purchasing intent is to handle orders over one-fourth with smart, high-end equipment. Zhuhai Second and Mitsubishi Electric, Sanken Electric and other companies have reached the procurement of semiconductor integrated circuits (chips), the intention of long-term transaction of the total amount of more than $ 100 million. Guangdong Fenghua High-Tech Co., Ltd. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two Korean manufacturers to purchase core equipment for chip multilayer ceramic capacitors. PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Company and Honeywell signed a cooperation agreement. PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Company, Jieyang City's annual production capacity of 20 million tons Honeywell UOP's advanced technology, adopting state-of-the-art energy security strategy and establishing a comprehensive international energy oil company.

Expands investment in the ear of the company

The city of Guangzhou attracted the opportunity to visit major enterprises, promote investment and business environment and investment policy, and invest companies in Guangzhou. Companies such as Fengshi Group, Mars Arrow, and Johnson & Johnson will continue to innovate and develop models, expand products and services, continue to develop and expand in Guangzhou, and TEKNOS (Shanghai) We propose land use and production capacity for investment in. , The specific requirements of the production license, and plans to visit Guangzhou.

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