Wednesday , February 8 2023

Xiaomi's new smart home appliances: over 10,000 yuan | – Hong Kong NO.1 mobile phone information website


Xiaomi new smart appliances: the price is over 10,000

Besides mobile phones, cost-effective smart home appliances are another key product of Xiaomi. So with the launch of the Xiaomi 8 Pro and Xiaomi 8 Lite, we introduced two new smart home appliances, some of which cost $ 13,999. Xiaomi is famous for its reasonable benefits. How do you sell more than 10,000 RMB of smart appliances? You know the following words!

In fact Xiaomi's 150-meter-long laser projection TV. When the machine was launched in China, the price was 9,999 RMB and the price for arriving in Hong Kong was $ 13,999. Mijia Laser Projection TV has sold over 10,000 yuan, but uses ultra-focus technology to project 150-inch FullHD images. The Hong Kong version has an Android TV system built in and is worthy of comparison to other projectors of the same class. ▲ Air purifier maximum (right) In addition to the laser projection TV, Xiaomi Hong Kong introduced the XL air purifier Max, which is enough for 1300 ² space. The size of the fuselage is the major version of the shops and offices, and the license price in Hong Kong is $ 2,299.

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