Thursday , October 6 2022

Breaking news: Hungary buys new military aircraft


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“In addition to the A319 and Falcon 7X aircraft acquired in 2018, it can be used primarily for passenger transport. In 2023-24, the KC-390 arrives in Hungary, which is also suitable for carrying large loads on the battlefield. This completes the development of the Army’s air transport, evacuation, air and air refueling capabilities. According to the Defense Public Procurement Service, Gáspár Maróth, Director of the Defense Development Administration, said:

Under this agreement, the military will receive the so-called ramp transport aircraft, which can operate even in operational conditions. Delivery of large cargo, military equipment, vehicles and personnel up to 23 tons (80 equipment soldiers or 60 paratroopers). Due to its special design, this aircraft is suitable not only for parachute operations, but also for takeoff and landing in low-quality terrain conditions outside of concrete airports (for example, grass airports). This equipment also allows for emergency evacuation and many patient and injured operations.

The exact features of the transport machine can be found in the video below.

Jackson Schneider, CEO of Embraer Defense, said, “Hungary is the second largest European and NATO member to choose the C-390 Millennium aircraft. The C-390 Millennium aircraft performs a variety of missions with unparalleled speed, payload, and convertibility. It’s a high-performance aircraft that can do it.”

In addition to Hungary, it was ordered from Portuguese Indian fixed wings.

Military Today estimates that the production cost of the KC-390 is about 50 million dollars (about HUF 14.5 billion), but Hungary may not have paid the same for the machine. The specific purchase price depends largely on what the purchasing agency has so far negotiated with Brazil. Significant details of the contract are not disclosed.

Embraer said he will serve for the first time in the world as a member of the army contingent in the composition of the KC-390 intensive care capacity, which could play an important role in humanitarian missions. In addition to humanitarian and medical work, according to the company, the machine can perform cargo, passenger transport, rescue work and parachute missions. It is also suitable for refueling the JAS 39 Gripen fighters used by the Hungarian Air Force in the air.

Embraer has also posted a video of the agreement with the Hungarian government, and it is interesting that the aircraft can already be seen in the video with the Hungarian Air Force’s mark.

For the first time, in August 2019, Brazilian media leaked for the first time that Hungary was negotiating with Brazil to purchase KC-390.

Cover image: Brazilian Air Force KC-390.

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