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Do robots lose their way or even create jobs?


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Because monotonous activity is replaced by more creative and diverse tasks, employers not only expect to reduce costs, improve the quality of new technologies, but also often enjoy workers. Almost all companies will use artificial intelligence systems and cloud services soon.

(Photo: Microsoft)
Microsoft Future decoded 2018 – Picture of Microsoft

Automation, digitization and robotization raise serious problems. Will new technology do some work? According to some studies, they can create as many jobs as scheduled. "Microsoft's 25th anniversary conference, organized by Automation, Artificial Intelligence (MI) and cloud services, has been announced.

According to Gábor Riba, chief executive of Hungary's PwC, companies that can better support their business today have a huge amount of data. If your system is not functioning properly, the security issue is also important whether you have a big red button to shut down your system.

"Not a job but a job" – it's not a job, but it's important. Artificial intelligence helps you to work and cooperate with your employees. Employers expect quality improvements and cost savings. However, employers generally appreciate MI solutions at work because monotonous and boring activities are replaced with useful creative activities.

What is the use of robots?

Robot supporters, voice recognition, chat bots, potential consequences of controversy, insurance support (eg, damage estimations based on photos), software robots – applications are expanding. Many of these solutions offer free resources so employees can perform other value creation tasks. This includes programming of artificial intelligence itself.

The robot could be much more effective, do not go to the bathroom, start on Facebook, and use it within 7 hours and 24 hours, Gaboriva said. But software robots have to tell what they need to do. However, artificial intelligence can replace some decisions.

Anyone who misses you will miss you.

Chatbots assigns a task to the robot to trigger the process, asking the customer how he is, what he wants, how he wants it. Unless there is a need for special intervention, there are no exceptions, and all processes can proceed without human intervention. (RPA, robot process automation).

Fifty to sixty years ago, the company was able to design for 50 years, but twenty years later, it is lagging behind all those who can not innovate.

Why are you here now?

Zoltán Kiss, Cloud Computing Manager, Microsoft Hungary, thought it was an unprecedented speed of development that had a lot of work to do. The world has been dealing with artificial intelligence for 70 years, but why are we all dealing with it? He asked the question.

One factor is the emergence of cloud services that can deliver tremendous amounts of storage and computing capacity. A tremendous amount of data is the second piece of data you need to teach AI. The third stage is new technology developed by Microsoft and other companies, such as speech recognition, translation, text understanding and vision.

Robot specialists come

For example, if you are in one of the tests, AI needs to read Wikipedia articles and answer questions. This is a breakthrough. Even if there is no answer to the question in the text, it is hard to figure it out today.

Chatbots can cause almost all customer service. Face Detection provides a secure solution for accessing your computer or office. Artificial intelligence professionals can revolutionize marketing, law, and finance, but they can appear in almost every field.

It takes a lot of time.

It's not about industrial intelligence, it's about the amount of data available and how you can handle it. Microsoft focuses on the Microsoft Office 365 MI and introduces the MI solution to more and more products.

26% of an employee's time shifts to e-mail today, 20% is spent on information retrieval, and many hours are interrupted or confused. Employers do not see about 56% of employees.

Letter disciplinary order

Antivirus Intelligence has long been used to filter unwanted mail, but today you can choose important mail. MyAnalitics makes it easy to review and organize schedules and schedules. MI will monitor when we promise something and highlight this letter to us. MyAnalitics will tell you if the recipient opened the mail.

Buy a million a day

Mol 2000's gas station (gas station) has purchased 1 million times a day, making it the largest coffee distributor in the United States. An enormous amount of data is generated and MI is used for processing. "Said Mol CIO Svébis András.

Sales forecasts have been made over the past several months and will run in 18 minutes in the next few months. The results are also better than the previous method. Mol is planning a digital strategy for the first time by 2020 and has begun developing the first robots, chat robots and mobile applications.

4400 iPhone

During the first phase of the digital transition, Mol deployed 4400 iPhones to employees in just three months, including Office 365 and Microsoft Team software for teamwork. It also allows employees to create their own applications, exchange SIM cards, and develop Wifi so employees can work from anywhere.

"We had 20 minutes to walk into the center to find out what the lunch box was, and we created a mobile app."

Artificial Intelligence in School

For example, early expulsion has many disadvantages that many students can not afford in the labor market. The average of the European Union average fell from the initial school dropout rate. The goal is to reach 10%. This is close to 10% (about 10.6%). In Hungary, the index has steadily declined over the past few years, but has increased again to 12.5% ​​since 2011. Ádám Horváth, head of the Digital Pedagogical Methodology Center, said:

This is an important indicator of EU funds that determine the efficiency of resource use and the ability to raise additional amounts. Therefore, the cause of this phenomenon is studied through predictive analysis methods.

There is no reason, no panacea.

During Microsoft's Tacoma project, the US school district investigated early withdrawal and added all relevant facts, including city traffic statistics, to a single database. Students aimed at students in a way that suits their goals, and students were at risk because they were too far away.

With the help of this study, 55-83% of successful maturity tests were successful, which is a very good result. It is important to identify subgroups rather than finding common causes and situations for early withdrawal. Too many parameters or attributes reveal a hidden context because it is impossible to find a single base relationship. Often, the cause and effect are mixed.

Secretary and Director

It's not just understanding the goal, but how it's done, how and how to deal with it. Early expulsion rates can be predicted with almost 90% accuracy, and problems can be handled using the MI Toolbox.

For example, school pardons are a solution. In other places, there are times when school principals do not spend much time and need to spend more time with their children.

How to analyze LinkedIn.

How can you leverage the vast amount of data to enhance and enhance the competitiveness of your enterprise customers with LinkedIn? – Attila Gőz, managing director of LinkedIn, said. This company called Talent Intelligence.

Combine workers from around the world to drive productivity and success. This is LinkedIn's philosophy. The company has 590 million individuals and 26 million business users and currently has 15 million job vacancies.

LinkedIn collects three levels of data and measures personal interests and professional interests in addition to the default recipient parameters. Various algorithms evaluate this. For example, it is based on information about where you are, what group you are in, and what information you post. In the Baltic states, labor migration is much more problematic than we are. It is especially difficult to find the right people using these tools.

More efficient space usage

According to Anton Zgurskiy, Smart & Connected product manager, 46% of the office space is not used by the company. In hospitals such as many unused beds, public transport is often used with poor utilization.

With the Microsoft Azure Platform and data center (Steelcase), you can optimize your office space and your business area.

(You can find previous articles about the conference here.)

Office innovation

New features introduced in Microsoft Office are provided by Angelika Szalai, Microsoft Product Manager. Excel can summarize tables in multiple versions, and you can create comments as well as create tables. With the "Pivot" function, the software automatically arranges the table.

With PowerPoint Design, you have a great slide to view some black and white text with just a few clicks, so you can choose from the solutions that come with your computer. Previously, a 5-10 minute slide was created in 1 minute and 30 seconds. "The expert said.

Word Entry The Word entry displays all the documents you have worked on so far. Pastes the slide in PowerPoint into the selected PowerPoint. You can do the same with Excel spreadsheets and graphs.

Microsoft monitors billions of devices and preserves 400 billion e-mails a day from malicious attacks. This data is used to protect customers through artificial intelligence – said Angelika Szalai.

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