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Real Madrid still have deficiencies in Santiago Solari, but he has not left the pit yet. Three BL defenders Madrid went to Pilsen's guest game.

– Tibor Somogyi recruitment

Quiet preparation

"The game of the century". The cover of the matchbox and one huge slogan in the center of Pilsen led the Champions League game against Real Madrid. In fact, there are not many teams able to recruit defenders of the series three times in the history of football (especially AS Roma and CSKA Moscow, two other members). However, in recent weeks, the performance of the Royal Guard has remained far from "centuries". Over the years Plzen has played with a dog team that can not be called a puppy like Barcelona, ​​Bayern, Manchester City or Atletico Madrid.

Wednesday night games were not all in the city center. Parking garage entrance card issuance was assigned to the woman who claimed the game was on Tuesday, and we are leaving late. Villagers have BL flags, but if there are not many people celebrating the Madrid drummer near the cathedral of Saint Bartholomew Cathedral, it will be difficult to know what the city is going to do.

In fact, not only the city but the entire country – Real has won two years in the Czech Republic over the last 17 years. In the BL series at the time, Santiago Solari also entered the gate of Prague in Madrid. The Argentinian winger is currently helping Real as a temporary successor to Julien Ro Petit Gay after El Clasico. The 42-year-old trainer won the Melilla (Cup 4: 0) and Valladolid (2: 0 in the championship) victory and kept immaturity in the match against Plzeň. Viktória received a fifth of the water.

Actual: 20 minutes

But in the first 20 minutes of the Wednesday night's meeting there was nothing to signify defeat in Madrid and the home team could not stand anything, but Nacho's ball threw the goal. Shortly thereafter, Karim Benzema helped many Pilsen players (0: 1) and acted alone. Pavel Vrba, the goalkeeper's home stadium, said: "At first it was too good for the home team to score two more goals." At first there was nothing to indicate that the 35 minutes were over.

At this point, Benzema and Gareth Bale created the tracks they wanted. Goal, assists, 0: 4 after 45 minutes, all held.

October 30, 2018 19:28

Real did not compare with Zidane.

STOP statement

"Real players can do anything with their own abilities." – Solari caught a lead ahead of 5: 0 but tried to process the result. Despite the rash, it was a signal that Blanca had fled to reporters. Lucas Vazz made "Hola" with a "statement", and the fourth Englishman Toni Kroos did not respond to the interview request, and one-shot veil walked to his face. Like the game, the mix zone fell apart and even a psychologist did not want to talk about it. Indeed, the coordination was decided by a Spanish radio journalist.

Sergio Ramos, who overcame the arrival of Antonio Conte, won the Royal Team Captain's honor and was delighted with the Spanish fans waiting for a temporary tent. Real did not have Marcelo, Varane, Carvajal and Modric. They were impressed by the acceptance. A small crowd gathered in front of the hotel slowly when taking off an extravagant bus (even two females relying on French fingers), but some commented on how crazy it is for Cristiano Ronaldo to strengthen the royal family.

Emotional feelings

The real stadium was quiet even though the safety camp was quiet and the real camp was silent and the Pilsen B center was constantly encouraged. "I understand that fans are happy with BL, but we are not satisfied because we got 5-0," Vrba said. His players were overwhelmed by emotions after the game. Aleš Čermak smiled with a little shameful childish smile and said to the costume question, "Yes, at least from this perspective, I turned it into benzene." That is another level. If we do not abuse one or two things, the world's most famous club will punish it" – Pilseni midfielder Jan Kopic, who was the most dangerous threat of TiVo Cortot, doubled his eyes.

AS Roma are confident to move forward as they defeated CSZKA Moscow 3-0 and showed a five-point advantage over Russia. However, we can not ignore that Viktoria can no longer perform the first two tasks. "Let's face it, it would have been a great miracle, we still have to stay 3rd in the competition to get the maximum satisfaction." – Added Vrba.

In the case of Hrošovský, they will continue to make a great series of clubs. Pilsenians was second in the BL group stage, BATE Borisov in 2012, and CSKA Moscow in 2014, third in the EL lead. The latter is still in Group G …

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