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I do not know what to do with stolen data – Market & Profit


While many may have heard of or suffered from cybercrime related to data and / or identity theft, few seem to know much about the value of information that has been stolen.

According to Kaspersky Lab, more than 7,000 consumers across Europe have been asked questions about the terrible personal data of the continent and the use of it for illegal purposes, but many people I am not sure how the criminal can use them for the purpose.

Cyber ​​Crime

Image: Kaspersky

While 59% of Kaspersky Lab surveys know that the company intends to sell their personal information to other parties, 50% do not know how valuable this data is to a company or criminal. Their attitude toward data security is also quite significant, making it easier for criminals to steal and commit crimes.

We are very pleased with our data because we voluntarily hand it over.

Two-thirds of home Internet users are concerned about the security of their information, but only about 20% of respondents read the privacy policy at the meeting.

Even the data that many people consider harmless is blindly stolen, and it is undeniable that data that is traded in the dark web is unacceptable. The stolen medical records ($ 70 to $ 100 in 2016) have lost many things now because they have many circles in the net.

Kaspersky Lab's Global Survey and Analysis team conducted additional surveys to assess the extent of the problem. They reached a conclusion.

The criminal can sell his entire digital life for less than $ 50, including data related to social media accounts, access to servers and remote computers, and popular services that can store credit card information.

Researchers have also found that the price of affiliate accounts is lower than most. $ 1 and criminals offer discounts when purchasing large batches.

According to David Jacoby, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, it's amazing how you can sell a person's digital life for less than $ 50. Most 15 to 35-year-olds have registered more than 20 different online services, and only about ten people use it regularly, so hackers can not easily spot and get paid.

Can I have custom bids and data protection at the same time?

Connecting online and offline solutions will be a next-generation evolution of digital marketing – says Google's two leading reseller partners in Europe. This approach can create a completely new personalized world.

This data is primarily circulated by criminals primarily stolen by phishing or by exploiting Web security vulnerabilities in application software. A successful criminal will receive a so-called "password dump" that contains a combination of the e-mail address and password associated with the largest service. Because of the large number of people who use the same password for multiple services, an attacker can gain access to accounts on other platforms with information.

An interesting phenomenon is that some data offenders provide customers with a lifetime warranty. In other words, once an account is terminated, buyers will receive a new account for free.

Stolen data: valuable and varied

While the resale value of stolen data can be limited, it is valuable in many ways. This could cause a huge problem for the victim, because the victim may lose money or reputation, pay off the debt that someone else has accumulated in his name, or suspect a crime for someone else to commit a victim's identity as a victim . For example, criminals can use stolen ID cards to create a fake passport for a poacher, and may commit many other crimes.

This is to prevent data leakage.

To avoid phishing, always check the link title and sender's e-mail address before clicking. An effective security solution also tells you when you want to visit a phishing website.

To avoid losing all digital identity information, do not use the same password for various websites or services. If you do not need to write a strong and secure password and give your feedback, use a specific password manager application.

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