Thursday , March 30 2023

In the government media, a new party was created by a bestseller.


Ruby Gergely is one of the people who recalls Fidesz's media as "disappointing or disillusioned." This is the background for our national movement. Today, Congress announced it would form a representative body.

Rubi was previously a better legislator, and he resumed in February. Initially he hosted the place where Echo TV was at the national forum of Gábor Vona. Since then he has regularly acted on TV on Lőrinc Mészáros.

Although Rubi strongly and repeatedly refused a new party in the spring,

Solution, balance, order and sketch, ie MERT

MTI also attended a Russian press conference in which Gergely Rubi, the party's president, submitted an inaugural meeting minutes and said the document would be submitted to the registration court for registration. He said he did not disclose the number of members of the new party and that he was already elected as a representative in all counties. He has recently joined Jobbik and Jobbik, as well as Hungarian garrison, Sibelius Future Citizenship Association, radical organizations and those who are leaving the movement.

What is the mission of the new opposition party? The President

Their immediate goal is to expel parliamentary opposition in the next parliamentary election.

Because they think they betray them – they write MTI. For the upcoming provincial elections, it was nominated for the time being Ózd and Orosháza. Ruby Gergely sees her party.

By 2026, he was "close to a wheelchair".



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