Saturday , June 3 2023

Index – Domestic – A large defense practice takes place in Kőbánya.


On Wednesday and Thursday, massive defense practices are held in Kőbánya and various visual and sound effects refer to the government office as written materials by MTI.

Practice first. Kőbánya Leisure and youth centers will explode, so mass rescue and injuries will be needed. Meanwhile, in Kőbánya's underground storage system, the IRS and customs authorities carry out dynamic armed intervention, and armed firefighters are exploring and disarming explosive devices.

According to this announcement, the Ministry of Defense, the Budapest Police Headquarters, the Permanent Police, the Civil Defense, the National Tax Service, the Disaster Administration of the KCS, the Budapest Disaster Management Board, the National Ambulance Service, the Hungarian Red Cross, as well as the local government of Kőbánya, As well as their domestic and international partners Participate in the two-month "Defense Strategy 2018" campaign.

During your workout, regular traffic restrictions around Predd Street and Halom Street in District X are calculated and parking is available.

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