Thursday , March 30 2023

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Mostly cloudy weather was held on Friday morning at the first free practice of the Brazilian Grand Prix held at Inter-Lagos in local time. It took about 20 minutes to complete the day, but the order was already at the forefront, but it did not change in the hair.

It is good news that one of the cars in a big car is close to each other. Verstappen recorded 49,000 in Vettel, 96,000 in Harullton and Red Bull-Ferrari-Mercedes.

Interestingly, their teammates climbed to Ricciardo in March, Räikkönen to fifth, and Bottas to sixth, but RBR grew to more than a third of Verstapp.

It was afternoon afternoon in Interlaus, and the second training, which started at 18:00 in Hungary, was half a day.

And very quickly Nico Hülkenberg turned Renault 10 minutes into the final bend. His car slid into the grass, but he did not take the gas and even lightly pressed to step on the track again. The car flowed right to the right and grabbed the wall to the right and to the right. President Renault was not excited.

In the sequel they found a lot of Mercedes, Ferrari kept the shape of the morning and the Red Bull fell. The latter was mostly due to an oil spill in Verstappen's car, and he lost the box in the first half of the training. Back in the pitch, he ran fifth behind teammate and had the fastest time in the early stages.

The fastest, unexpectedly, went to Valtteri Bottas and won Hamilton by 3,000. Vettel stayed in the tenth. This means that the cutting edge is still horrible. Continue on the third training session on Saturday, then continue to the timer from 6 pm in Hungary time.

vb is only for the driver, but Ferrari can still beat Merced. Based on our previous experience, we can expect a close weekend.

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