Wednesday , February 8 2023

MS elections and conversations begin with EP elections.


The MSZP Dialogue Alliance is expected to jointly prepare the European parliamentary elections next year, and one of the key themes of the campaign is to join the European prosecutors' office at a bilateral press conference in Eger.

According to Gergely Karácsony, the most important question is how to adapt Hungary to EU support and to actually adapt to society and to strengthen the competitiveness of the economy, instead of funding the power machinery "have abandoned the country for the last 8 years" Democracy in Europe ".

According to politicians, "Hungary's justice does not coincide with today's law enforcement, but there is no system that can effectively deal with political corruption through crime," the government announced its intentions when taking all steps to avoid joining European prosecutors. They support the implementation of the Hadkosy Ákos Independent Parliamentary Assembly and collect signatures supporting their participation.

According to Christmas, the European Union funds often do not reach Hungary and Europe. Some investments are being made, but development spending is "very centralized", and all of this finances the current corrupt regime, which destroys Hungary from the possibility of living in Europe. Therefore, in the EP election campaign, the actions of the European rebuilding, not the corruption and the power elite, will become the people's Europe. The MSZP talks have argued that Hungary is at last to express the latter view of the EU that it should be among Western democracies, not the poverty line at two speeds or the poverty line of the empty EU.

April 8, 2018 Congressional Election Day MSZP Dialogue Press ConferencePhoto: Tamás Botos / 444

MSZP President Bertalan Tóth said in a briefing: "No matter where they are, they all say," Fideszes, friends and friends treat the money in the European Union as if they were theirs. " According to a recent survey by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the prime minister's family also referred to the "organized crime network" in the Elios case related to the modernization of municipal public lighting.

Local "Fidelity Small Dogs" like to rely on common pots in all settlements and like to see their own EU funds. With more than a billion euros, the former executive of the Hegs County Business and Community Development Foundation (HMVTA), Eger is now known as a familiar business circle. "In this regard, the MSZP calls for the resignation of related officials, And those who have benefited from the police, continue to investigate and propose to the perpetrators responsibility, "Tóth said. (MTI)



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