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NL: 83 years ago, there was no translation. – Switzerland can advance to the fourth finals.


In Bundesliga Division A Division B, Belgium scored two goals in the Swiss home, the home side played 5-2 and finished the National League's fourth game.

The Belgian was disadvantaged in both directions, and the Swiss were finally happy (Photo: AFP)

The two teams have arrived at the stadium to play in Lucerne, but the Belgians are expecting a three-point lead. In previous clashes between the two groups, the Belgian had won 2-1 at home, so Switzerland had to win 1-0 or at least 2 goals to advance to the fourth leg of the Nations League.

It took about a minute after a huge personal defeat. Thorgan Hazard He hit the ball and easily slipped into the goal. (0-1).

Young man of n hengold blach back in 17 minutes danger She was the main character. After a good solo, he shot a long corner. (0-2). The Belgian still lost 4-2 to the Dutch national team after they lost two goals in March, 1935, just 83 years ago.

The Swiss, however, did not give up and were punished sufficiently suspicious. Ricardo Rodriguez Confidently sold (1-2).

Five minutes later, Rodriguez, who shot the ball into the center, was one of the main characters. Harris Seferović He was shot at the door. (2-2).

Switzerland did not score much and put a lead goal before taking a break: Fernandez's flat pass White eyebrow crab Seferovic So he could go home the same way he could be to achieve the goal. (3-2).

The second half continued at the pace similar to the first, but this time Switzerland gave the pace at the start of the inning. Ceferovic missed three times as many opportunities after the jump. Shakiri could have increased the free kick, but he was successful. . The Swiss defender was in the 62nd minute: the first goal was a huge defeat. Nico Elvis After Shakiri was given, he headed to the goal post. (4-2).

The game is over. Seferovic His third goal was decided by striker Mbabu. (5-2).

Despite the Belgian attempt, the home team would have been happy after all because of the huge translation because there was no goal until the end of the match. After Portuguese and English, Switzerland entered the fourth leg of the Nations League. The field will be completed by France or the Netherlands on Monday.

International Federation
A series, Group 2

Switzerland – Belgium 5-2 (R. Rodriguez, 26-11, Seferovic 31, 44, 84, Elvis 62, Th.Hazard 2, 17)

End of group
1. Switzerland 4 3 (One) 14-5 +9 9
2. Belgium 4 3 (One) 9-6 +3 9
3. Iceland 4 4 1-13 -12 0

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