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Rose was the fate of Ferencvaros and Lanzame 11 was also defended.


He scored with a penalty kick and defeated Haladas in Ferencvaros in the 14th round of NB I football, and the Sombrero Terry team hit the third in the capital city of Budapest.

They left (Tamás Unger picture)

Security guards
Round 14

Harada-Ferencvaros 1-0 (Gaall B, 52 to 11 years old)
Sombut Hey, Progressive stadium, 8294 Provides views. lead : Ádám Farkas

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It started in a festive atmosphere for the champion of marching on Saturday, Ferencváros. Founded in 1919, the association aired in a crowded crowded stadium after a show on Saturday's NB's 1,000th and 8th games. Home fans hoped to enjoy Horizon's trio.

Although the leader was nervous to the intruder, omb Spring Tees was early in the season and the capital lacked a race. Despite the strong defeat of Peretsz Horváz, Roza began to play Leandro's free-kick and Marcel Heister in the first half despite a 2-0 defeat to Újpest. Bashkab blocked the goal well, and David Lanzahme had an infinite role, but Daniel Böde caught up with a center fielder, but was inaccurate when the defense was blocked.

And the extreme play of pradi …

All the players of Serhij Rebrov entered the right wing as right wingers at the expense of Varga Roland. The 13th national team won 1-0 in the first leg against Puskas Academy, then only the DVTK (4-1) and MTK (2-0) matches were replaced, and the Saturday champions also watched the team play dangerous on the bench.

The rest of the Fradi situation is due to the organized football of the home team. Szombathelys puts Karol Mészáros and Reagy Byos on the ball, and the center ball is cut by Lerisro at the gate of Priskin Tamás. However, Halad was not in the bigger position for the first 45 minutes, so Dénes Dibusz did not have to show as many defenses as his colleagues.

The second half of the penalty was a joke, Gaál Bálint Stefan Szpirovszki a chance to knock it in for a free kick. Progress were close to putting the equalizer away but the home team's goalkeeper Stefan Szpirovszki blocked it to keep the score level. A few minutes later, Ferenca Ross could get a penalty at the other door, Laszlo Tamas pulled the Italian offense from the shirt, but Ádám Farkas whistled quietly. Despite a counterattack by Emily Tamás Priskin still heading the ball over from the left to the meter.

Fradi tried to increase pace and pressure. Dániel Böde was hit in the right-sloping head. Daniel Rosa He defended him, and he became a hero of the game 10 minutes before defeat. After Laszlo Tamas declared a penalty after losing his away game, the goalkeeper accused Davide Lanzafame of killing him. The spectators were really fighting after the defense. The 33-year-old keeper lived in front of the goal line a week ago and had the most beautiful life. After the penalty kick, the penalty kick was more nervous after trying several fouls, and Tomborn Terry's goalkeeper was defensive at the end.

Eventually, Péter Halmosi finished his celebration, the club of Szombathely participated in the 400th NB game, and he and his colleagues congratulated him after the bat. Since the end of November, Haladó has defeated Ferencváros again, and Ferenc Horváth has won his first victory since his defeat. If anything fails, you can continue to drive if you defeat the leader.

Communication, interest, stats here please!

NB I, 2018-2019, ROUND 14
On November 10, SOMBAT VENUE attendance Referee
DVTK-DVSC 1-0 Miskolc, DVTK Stadium 2,553 Zoltan Ivanini
MTK-Puskás Academy 3-2 Budapest, New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium 1,849 Balasbark
Kisvárda-Újpest 1-4 Kisbadar, Varkerti Sportspf 2,280 Ádám Németh
Pax-Honbéd 0-0 pax,
City Stadium
1,283 Gergely Szőts
Harada-Ferencvaros 1-0 Cotton Spring Tehei, Halado Stadium 8294 Ádám Farkas
Sunday, November 11
15:30: Mezőkövesd-Mol Vidi (TV: M4 Sport) Le,
City Stadium
Peter Solomoshi
TABLE • Goal leading
1. Ferencváros TC (14) 9 3 this 27-11 +16 (30)
2. Budapest Honvéd (14) 8 3 3 18-8 +10 (27)
3. MTK Budapest (14) (7) 3 4 21-20 +1 (24)
4. Mall see FC. (12) 6 4 this 24-12 +12 (22)
5. Újpest FC (13) 6 4 3 16-10 +6 (22)
6. Debrecen VSC (14) 5 6 3 20-18 +2 (21)
7. Paksi FC (14) 5 5 4 19-18 +1 (20)
8. Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC (13) 5 4 4 21-17 +4 (19)
9. Puskás Academy FC (14) 4 this 8 16-22 -6 (14)
10. Dios Thierry VTK (14) this 3 9 11-24 -13 9
11. Kiss the Sea (14) this 3 9 13-32 -19 9
12. Progress in Szombathely (14) this this (10) 12-26 -14 8

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