Monday , February 6 2023

The driver of the Veronese bus driver of the index-domestic-grammar school writes.


A year and a half after the accident, Ping-Pong High School at Veronese Bus Story Musical School writes a letter to Bors. Hungary Bus Driver 2017. January 21 At night he drove him to the pole near the highway near Veron. The bus was shattered and the fire turned on. This tragedy killed 17 people.

V. Janos The bus driver was seriously injured by the accident. The driver writes a letter to the principal through a letter: c After an accident for a few months, he knew what had happened. The driver expressed his sympathy in the short letter. Relatives of deceased students and teachers. The head of Szinyei Merse Pál high school in Budapest sent letters to his parents.

This gesture for the victims' parents is small. I still want to. They will wait and talk about what happened during the accident. Parents want accurate information about their child's death situation, which helps to keep track of tragedies. This has happened so far.

The court hearings of the October 31 case began in Verona.
The only Hungarian defendant in this case is the driver, Janos V. The five Italian defendants are responsible for the A4 highway. The Hungarian driver did not attend the hearing. His defenders said he could not prepare because he had received the case two days ago. The trial has been postponed.

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