Wednesday , February 8 2023

The electric car is under imitation pressure.


According to BMW's recent rapid report, nmet produced and sold more cars in the third quarter than the previous quarter, but the results of trsasg were even worse.

In the third quarter, the BMW Group sold 592,000 units in the third quarter, exceeding 0.32 ZL.
Rumor has it that Rolls-Royce is the best comic in the world. It is 14.3 times more expensive than the previous rollup. BMW sold 1.5 tonnes, while minitracks dropped 6.3 tonnes.
At the price of 4.7 cents, 24.7 million euros was in the third quarter.
The negative result, however, is that the Gemme results were reduced by 27 temples of 1.75 milli-euros, which exceeded the death toll.

BMW X7Forrs: BMW

According to Reuters, the results of this study were burdensome because of the high cost of research and development of electric vehicles that had to be developed at high cost.

Autism on the last day informed that the end result of the war will be last year.

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