Saturday , March 25 2023

The Hungarian national team has begun to lose.


Kazakhstan, which won 3-0 in the April World Cup in Budapest, was not favorable for Hungarians because only 11 of the 11 clashes were victorious. Jarmo Tolvanen started the game more aggressively and the next year's rival Kazakh national team was warmed up as a player-based reserve in home games in Budapest. In the middle of the first quarter, Kazakhstan played with the advantage of United. He repeatedly threatened Bence Bálizs' goal in the match but did not score until the first break. The second 20 minutes began with the Kazakh hit. In only thirty minutes the opponent used it. It was 0-3 after three minutes. He had been asking for a long time, and both sides focused on the attack and found options.

MTI pictures (recording by Balázs Czagány)

Far away from the goalkeeper, Bence Szirányi had a great time and kicked the Kazakh goalkeeper to the left of the door. In front of the goalkeeper, 960 spectators made a mistake and knew the goal of Hungary. The Hungarians have been experimenting with goalkeepers for the past few minutes but since April 2013 they have not been able to beat Kazakhstan in the national team. In preparation for the tournament, Korean players are still opposed and Group A is still on the list. The Hungarian team is preparing the I / A vb, which will be the opponent of Kazakhstan and Korea, with Slovakia, Belarus and Lithuania team from April 29th to May 5th. The first two athletes will compete in the 2020 Swiss Elite World Championships, and the last will be in Division I / B.

Kazakhstan – Hungary 3-1 (0-0, 3-0, 0-1)
Hungary national team scorer: Access (52)

It is played on Thursday:
South Korea – Kazakhstan 19.30

Friday game:
Kazakhstan – Italy 16.00
Hungary – South Korea 19.30

It is played on Saturday:
Hungary – Italy 16.00


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