Thursday , March 30 2023

Trembling in the manure, he believes in the bathtub: see the missed scenes of Palm VIP


It’s VIP VIP, a reality show where 14 famous journalists from big cities go to celebrity’s homes, feed animals, cultivate the land, and measure their skill, strength, speed, creativity and intellectual qualities in a variety of tasks. No internet, no cable TV, no cell phone, but you can’t hang out or sunbathe Below are some missed scenes for fans of the show.

Below, Vili Sebők tried to dry himself with a kitchen towel, failed and threw his shawl in anger, but there is Éva Horváth in his shawl. How does the ex-beauty queen react? look :

Ági Szögeczki talks about animals when making unexpected decisions. Below are what he says later, what he fears, and why he says he wants to go home.

This is not the first time that a city dweller has been admired by an object that he never uses. Singer André Vásáry, on the other hand, did not recognize the wagon, not the working tools found on the farm.

“Is money always dominating around you?” Ask Ágica Vasvári Vivien. What the luxurious wife says about this can be seen in the video.

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