Wednesday , March 29 2023

Waited 4 months for the club where a new team was found in Megyeri út.


The freely verifiable 183 cm high Simeon Ajanah-Chinedu is a new acquisition of Újpest FC announced by the official website of the purple and white club.

New composition of Újpest in the company of Ajanah-Chinedu Péter Kabát (Photo:

After origin

In Montenegro, the top football player OFK Titograd, who played in the first division and finished penalties, finished in July. Ajanah-Chinedu contract. After 4 months, Nigerian Beck can return to the track of Megyeri út if Újpest can get all the permits.

Last year he was the primary man in the Ford Gorica band, where almost all championships are in starting position. He was also able to make his international debut by spending every possible minute on the field in the European League qualifier against CSZKA Sofia (180). writes about his 20-year-old composition.

“I am very happy to be here. I’ve heard a lot of good news about the city and clubs. People are friendly and welcome me soon and look forward to working with you. I want to introduce myself as soon as possible and I’m sure we can get good results together.”- The club’s website cites the chairman of Ajanah-Chinedu.

It is not yet known when attorneys will be able to deploy them. According to Újpest presentation “I can’t stand it because of the current laws. Frederick Logan Is possibleThey do everything they can to get to the scene in purple and white as soon as possible. The club did not reveal exactly the challenges they faced and the length of time Ajanah-Chinedu was disclosed during the signing of the contract.

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