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We’ve kept it secret for decades II. Queen Elizabeth imprisoned her nephews in a mental hospital.


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The Crown’s new fourth season was unveiled on Netflix on November 15th. The series effectively blends documentary elements and fiction, and regularly addresses stories that members of the British royal family want to forget forever. For example, VIII. Edward was a Nazi sympathizer, gave up the throne to live with a divorced American woman, or obsessively treated Queen Elizabeth’s mother-in-law, Prince Philip’s mother, for schizophrenia, and her womb was subjected to X-rays for Freud’s advice due to sexual frustration. I took it.

The fourth season of the series is probably what most people have been waiting for because Princess Diana first appeared. Here begins the story of what really happened in the relationship between Charles and Diana, which excites royal fans to this day. However, in this series a much more interesting and terrible thread is chosen from two hidden nieces of Queen Elizabeth.

Sister Bowes-Lyon

The end of the 80s was strongly entrusted to the royal family. After the two children, the relationship between Prince Charles and Diana, his successors to the throne, deteriorated, the media made the matter public, Charles re-established his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bourries, and Diana re-established his relationship with the equestrian instructor. But this was by no means the ugliest story the royal family had to deal with at the time. In 1987 and 1941, an article appeared in the Prophet of Queen Elizabeth’s two hidden nephews who were confined in a mental hospital.

Nerissa Bowes-Lyon was born in 1919, and her younger sister, Katherine, was born in 1926. Their father, John Herbert Bowes-Lyon, is the mother queen, the II. The brother of Queen Elizabeth’s mother. Their family told Burke’s Peerage, an English nobility yearbook in 1963 that Nerissa died in 1940 and Catherine died in 1960. But after 20 years

Nurses born with disabilities were imprisoned at the Royal Earlswood Mental Hospital in London in 1941 when they were 15 and 22 years old. Thus, they were in fact officially declared dead, Nerissa lived until 1986 and Catherine lived until 2014.

The Crown photo by Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-LyonFigure: Netflix

Nerissa and Katherine were able to inherit the disease from the maternal branch, which is nowhere detailed. The mother’s three sisters, Idonea, Etheldreda and Rosemary, were born with similar disabilities and were admitted to the previously mentioned institution the same day as two Bowes-Lyon girls. What you need to know about their condition is nothing more than you can speak and express yourself at the intellectual level of a three-year-old child.

Nerissa passed away in 1986 at the age of 66, and her grave was marked only with a plastic ticket with a serial number and surname. Catherine stayed in the hospital in 1941, and until 1997, the hospital was closed on charges of abuse of people who had been treated in the hospital. Katherine Bowes-Lyon died in 2014 at the age of 87.

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After the release of Sun’s 1987 article, an editor at Burke’s Peerage spoke to Maclean’s, cited by Vanity Fair. Harold Brooks-Baker was shocked, but added, that the Bowes-Lyon family would have virtually removed the girl’s presence from the record. Two Bowes-Lyon girls who had no reason to doubt the words of the royal family entered the yearbook as dead.

In Maclean’s article, he wrote that his mother, Fenella Bowes-Lyon, had visited her daughter until his death in 1966, but there have been no hospital records that have since contacted them by someone from the royal family. This was even the case at Nerissa’s 1986 funeral. Several sisters were present.

Mother’s Queen Aunt Nerissa and Catherine, who were also sponsors of the Foundation, who helped adults and children with disabilities until her death, were reported to have known in 1982 that their nieces were imprisoned in the institution for decades. Vanity Fair wrote that when he got to know them, he sent money to buy candy and toys, but he didn’t immediately catch a visit or a previously reported death.

The article in 1987 was followed by an interview with an employee at the Royal Earlswood Institution. He described Katherine Bowes-Lyon as “a fragile and old lady,” “like a child,” and thus “having a hard time understanding the world around her.” , Also means being a member of the British royal family. An employee of the agency confirmed that no one has visited his sister and sister who died a year ago since the 1960s.

“The family’s gene pool must always be perfectly clean.

The story above is mentioned in the seventh episode of the new season of The Crown. This part begins with the Queen on TV and Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon sitting in front of the screens in the hospital standing while listening to the national anthem while taking the medicine the nurse just handed over. This episode mainly deals with the problem of the queen’s sister Princess Margaret, who begins to go to a psychologist and learns about her cousin according to a series that asks the princess if she knows the mental problems of the family.

“Five! A family of 5 close people was trapped and ignored! (…) Nephews. Daughters of my favorite brothers. (…) It’s wicked, numb and cruel. And it’s the ruthlessness and perfection I’ve experienced in this family. If you’re not the heir to the throne, if you have a unique personality or personal needs, if you don’t get the perfect picture, don’t beg quietly and obediently. Darwin is nothing compared to you!”

Margit (according to the series’ screenwriter Peter Morgan) injured his mother, the mother queen. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon explained the situation, saying it is also VIII. It was the result of Edward’s resignation as it led to the throne of VI. Father of George, Elizabeth and Margaret. Although Elizabeth’s lineage was not directly affected by the maternal genetic disease of the Bowes-Lyon girl, the family did not want to risk it. In the series, the queen said, “The principle of inheritance already depends on the width of the hair. The idea that the birthright to the crown is inherited by one family is already very difficult to justify.”

“This family’s gene pool must be completely clean. The Windsor branch had plenty of examples for people to worry about. III. King George, Prince John. I’m afraid that adding Bowes-Lyons’ disease to this will make things unsustainable.”

After the article was published in 1987, according to The Independent, Buckingham Palace did not comment on the subject, only mentioning that the event belongs to the Bowes-Lyon family. Lady Elizabeth Anson, the nephew of Katherine and Nerissa of the Bowes-Lyon family, told the BBC that the family did not intend to hide their existence and that relatives visited them.

Then, in 2011, they brought the story back and Channel 4 made a documentary claiming that no one had visited the Bowes-Lyon sisters in decades. One of the hospital nurses mentioned in the movie expressed it this way, and they seemed to be forgotten.

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