Tuesday , May 30 2023

Xbox Series: Scheduled to be sold out for the next half year!


Microsoft Also, this might be the best scenario. For this we must say that this is not a joke.

Xbox CFO Tim Stuart at the latest Jefferies Interactive Entertainment conference flesh, And in addition to being here Bethesda If exclusivity is no longer realizing, the game should be at least the best on Xbox (by the way, compared to PlayStation). Xbox Series X which Xbox series S Right now we’re not in a very good position when it comes to stock quantity. And we used a very good expression.

Stewart said the two new Xbox series consoles will certainly run out of stock by the end of March, so anyone who was planning to buy one in early 2021 after the Christmas storm would not be able to find them in stores. According to Stuart, during the April-June quarter, the supply chain will step on the accelerator to get a console to sell. Because he believes that the demand for the year-end generator will not be as high as it is now. (Always yes, Thanksgiving Christmas has always been a strong market for the gaming industry, and that’s why new hardware was released just before Thanksgiving in the United States.)

So Stuart confirmed that the supply was slow, and then talked about the fact that advanced users also have a product (think of the Xbox Series X), but also have a solution for the lower entry level (and the Xbox Series S). It was the very day Microsoft said it was advancing the next generation of consoles.) He finds the period to come exciting.

So, by the spring, we’re not sure if we’ll be able to find an Xbox series console unless we run out of money that no one can buy, despite the TV commercial. Let’s not even talk about the Xbox Series X as it didn’t fit into our wallet.

source: WCCFTech

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