Tuesday , May 30 2023

Battlegrounds (PUBG) for PlayerUnknown for Xbox One was $ 17 off Amazon.


PlayerUnknown 's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a battle royal game that lets you clean up your weapons and survive the last man using stealth or other tactics. Titles have gained unprecedented popularity on other platforms such as Steam and Xbox One, but still lack optimization. For example, if you use one of the best NVIDIA cards, you will often see it drop to 30 FPS in the normal setting. The main Xbox One version goes much further and the Xbox One X port does not take advantage of the added functionality in a meaningful way.

Despite these problems, it is considered a sensation and the player can not get enough. If you have not played PUBG yet, you can buy it for only $ 17 on Amazon for a few days. Both "Full Product Release" and "Game Preview Version" are priced the same. This looks like a Black Friday deal, but the retailer is famous for running arbitrary promotions now and then.

A few months ago, developer Bluehole launched a campaign called "PUBG fix". According to the company, "This is a phrase I've heard a lot lately, but the real potential of PUBG has been limited due to bugs, performance issues and quality of life issues, and we have to fix it, so we think it's time. "The team has released a roadmap with specific goals such as" client performance, "" server performance, "" anti-cheat, "" matchmaking, "and" quality of life. "

Yesterday, Bluehole abandoned the PUBG fix and announced that it focused on build stability and quality. According to Eurogamer's report, the team said, "This is the end of the PUBG campaign, but we will go through the development process, improve the process and double our efforts with lessons learned." It is not clear whether build reliability and quality represent the performance of the console or other issues. Hopefully frame rate and image quality will focus on this.

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