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My daughter is sanwli and she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Shah Rukh Khan participated in the fairness creams discussion.


Sharukan, Suhana Khan

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Sharruk Khan is not the king of romance, but the king of our hearts. In addition to his film and acting skills, his well-calculated and witty statements gained enormous love from actors from his fans while his stardom did not match. Sharruk fans, also known as the King of Bollywood, are believed to exist infinitely, and his attitude to various issues always makes him closer to his fans.

Shah Rukh talked about what he meant to him, talking about a fair cream brand. Delhi Times We also had extensive interviews on how we argued. On this he said,

Well, if you can honestly have a little honest smell underneath all that is disclosed to me, trust me. I did not try to be honest with anyone. I mean, who am I? I was the best person, the biggest person, the most competent person, the best dancer, the person with the best hair, the person who was never a good lineage, and I did not come from the acting school to teach me. Hindi movie hero. So, which of these 7-8 aspects can underestimate someone? My wife, children, and I are all ordinary people, and I will abuse the whole family. I am a low middle – class man with no slander. The only thing that must have worked for me is honesty. But now see me. Because of my heroine, I also looked good. I became a poster boy! What is the joke? I had a poster of Cheryl Ladd and Clint Eastwood. I never banned Cheryl Ladd jaunga toh Lord Clint Eastwood ban jaunga. It was never part of my life. I will be honest. My daughter is sanwli, but she is the most beautiful girl in the world. And nobody can tell me differently.

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Shah Rukh's daughter, Suhana Khan, recently acquired the Internet for photography in August through Vogue magazine. Star Eye looks gorgeous in all her avatars. In addition to positive reviews, the shoot also found a place for negative feedback.

Shah Rukh is seen on Aanand L Rai. Zero With Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. The actor will play Meerut's minor Bauua Singh, and Katrina plays an alcoholic superstar while Anatka plays a scientist with cerebral palsy. This movie will be released on December 21st.

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