Thursday , March 30 2023

National organization studying rare forms of diabetes


National Monogenic Diabetes Study Group was established to identify diabetes cases nationwide. With the support of the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR), the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF) and the Diabetes Care Center (DMDSC), the study will be the national coordination center for the study group.

Genetic mutation

Primary diabetes is a disease in which a mutation in a single gene causes diabetes. According to V. Mohan, president of DMDSC, there are three most common forms of mature diabetes mellitus (MODY), neonatal diabetes (NDM) and congenital hypoglycemia.

"The ICMR already has a young diabetic registry that off-shoots the National Monogenic Diabetes Study Group (MDRF) to form a nationally-oriented Diabetes Study Group. I am ready to cooperate, "he told reporters on Saturday.

In this business, MDRF will provide guidance to partners to identify unity diabetes. "We have to look at certain parameters like children under six months and people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, but they are characterized by a milder diabetes and a family history of diabetes that is generational," he said.

Co-investigators will identify cases of single diabetes and send details.

"They send us a blood sample and we will provide a treatment protocol based on the test results," Dr. Mohan said.

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