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Srinagar: India's best soccer competition will debut at the moment when Real Kashmir (Real Kashmir) will meet Churchill Brothers in a terrible home stadium.

Real Kashmir has entered the forefront with dreams of Minerva Punjab, the champion of Minerva Punjab as the start of his dream.

The game is played on TRC grass.

Real Kashmir was assisted by Iorians striker Nono Crizo.

The Churchill Brothers were good at staying undefeated in both games.

They scored without a goal in Minerva and then started the game with a 2-2 draw with Chennai's table pitcher.

Scottish coach from Real Kashmir, David Robertson, knows he needs to improve his position against Minerva.

"We will be another day in history on the day we play home," he said at a pre-matched press conference.

Robertson commented on the situation for two days after the first snowfall of the season, saying, "Due to the weather conditions, both teams will be difficult and there are players from all over the country like Churchill."

Hosts have accumulated a great deal of experience and experience with Nigerian captain Loveday Enyinnaya, coach son Mason Robertson, Zambia Aaron Katebe and Dharmaraj Ravanan.

Despite the height of the opponent's penalty box, Krizo is constantly threatening, but at some stage good support is needed.

Robertson did not select players such as Nadong Bhutia and Ritwik Kumar Das.

The duo scored eight goals in a successful second division league game last year and the Scots are going to sign them at some stage to support Krizo.

Churchill's Romanian coach Petre Gigiu sounded pragmatic.

Our team is tired, but tomorrow we will try to play good. It will be our first game in Kashmir and I want to have a better football for our crowd and Indian football. "

I am not surprised because I coached in the same weather conditions as Nigeria. We will do our best for our team and team. "

Churchill seems to be a squad with a better run in his second game than his first under the new coach.

Gambian Dawda Cessay is a side bolster in the midfield and shows what he can do against Chennai in the last game.

Clencio Pinto gave a lot of excitement to the Goan side.

Hussein El Dor in Libya and Nenad Novakovic in Serbia have also undergone a major change at Churchill's defensive center, and so are Kidman James Kithan.

However, East Bengal striker Willis Plaza from Trinidad and Tobago will have to score points sooner.

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