Wednesday , June 7 2023

The & # 39; PUBG fix & # 39; campaign is over, but I'm not happy with some.


The Battlegrounds development team at PlayerUnknown will have a "PUBG fix" life on Friday about improvements in terms of client and server performance, matchmaking, anti-cheat systems, bug fixes and quality-of-time (QF) In the last few months, with this in mind, the team will focus build stability and quality on game play and new content to 2019.

"During our game journey, our main goal was to provide new content quickly, complementing the Battle Royale gameplay." "We recognize in this process that we have overlooked an issue that is important to you and that we have reflected a lot on our mistakes. This requires a great deal of effort, as well as special care to ensure that the bug is not modified and nothing else is affected "

So when designing the 2019 PUBG roadmap, we changed direction from last year. Build stability and quality are our most important values, and on top of that we will build new Battle Royale gameplay and new content. Builds can slow down at first, but as these processes get better, we want to deliver new content as quickly as before, while maintaining new stability and quality-first goals. I can not say how long this will take, but I promise to do my best to reach this stage as soon as possible. "

"We know we have a lot to improve, but we have the sense that we feel more precisely what the player wants and needs. This is the end of the FIX PUBG campaign, but we are developing, improving the process, I will double my efforts. "

This did not go well with some of the PUBG community. In a thread in the subreddit of the game, the user has pointed to a long list of bugs that have not been fixed and are wondering if it will continue.

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