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The new iPhone 11 Pro video ad focuses on tough, triple rear cameras.

Early on, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max began pre-ordering in many countries. So it's no surprise that Apple launched a pull-on video advertising campaign for the iPhone 11 Pro. At the same time. These ads assume that you need to entice some people to press the pre-order button.

The first is about the toughness with which the phone is placed in a high-speed wind tunnel, where objects pop out. Children's toys, food, ice cubes, hair brushes-all bounce off your iPhone 11 Pro without leaving a mark. So it seems we have to wait. JerryRigEverything Torture test to identify when scratches and deeper grooves are needed.

The video is included below, but I get an intermittent error when trying to play the video. If the video is displayed, there is a direct link to the YouTube video.

The other video is about a whole new triple rear camera system. Apple has finally met the philosophy of the entire Android world, basically over the last year, with the exception of Google.

Again, while trying to play on the embedded frame below, I can see the error intermittently, so I share the video link in case the same problem occurs.

This time there is a dog in the wind chamber and its purpose is to show the difference between how the three lenses capture things. Night mode is also displayed with impressive results, but it's not shocking as it eventually drives sales.

The new iPhone will be released on September 20.


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